Geodesic Dome - installation

Geodesic domes are structures renowned for their strength, stability and distinctive spherical shape. While our geodesic domes are designed to be relatively simple and straightforward to construct, there are a few important factors to consider depending on your skill level and goals.

In terms of feasibility, our geodesic dome kits can certainly be assembled by non-professionals. The key requirements are a steady hand, good attention to detail and a firm, flat base on which to position the dome. Our kit comes with a simple yet comprehensive instructions to guide you through the entire construction process.

However, building a geodesic dome does require some knowledge of basic tools and construction techniques. If you lack confidence in your abilities or have no prior construction experience, it is generally best to hire a professional contractor or builder to ensure a sturdy, long-lasting final product.

In terms of time commitment, geodesic dome assembly times depend mainly on the dome size but also on the expertise of the builders. Smaller 16 foot diameter domes typically require 1-2 days for those with limited construction experience to assemble, while an experienced geodesic dome builder can complete the assembly in 3-4 hours. Larger domes like a 33 foot dome will predictably take longer - even an experienced 6-person crew may require around 6 hours to assemble a 33 foot diameter dome.

Once constructed, our domes are typically designed as permanent structures that could be used year round. However, our dome is also designed to be readily dismantled allowing you full flexibility to relocate elsewhere.