Domegg - feature highlights

Maximum space utilization and versatile layout options thanks to the oval dome structure

The oval dome structure has a uniquely versatile shape that allows for efficient use of the interior space. Unlike a typical circular dome, the elongated oval shape of the dome facilitates diverse configurations and functional arrangements within the interior. With a height of over 6.5 feet even at the edges, the entire oval domed space can be utilized. The vertical edges of the oval dome allow people to comfortably stand and move around, unlike a typical dome with gradually sloping sides.

The oval dome's versatile shape makes it easy to customize the interior layout to suit different needs. For example, one end of the oval dome could be arranged as a bathroom while the larger space is configured as a living area with a queen or king-sized bed, creating a compact yet functional floorplan. The tall, full-height walls of the oval dome maximize the usable interior area while the elongated shape enables separation of functions within the same enclosure. In summary, the unique oval dome structure provides a flexible, efficient and adaptable interior suitable for a wide range of configurations.


Premium materials
We use only the highest-quality materials for our geodesic dome. Our opaque cover is made of 850gsm(25 oz/sq yd) PVC or PVDF polyester fabric, which is significantly thicker and more durable than the 650gsm(19 oz/sq yd) fabric used by many of our competitors. Our frame is made of stainless steel for our 16ft and 20ft domes, and double hot-dip galvanized steel for our other sizes, which provides superior strength and rust resistance compared to the cold-galvanized steel used by some competitors.

Precisely calculated to support different snow and wind loads
Our geodesic dome is engineered to withstand different levels of snow and wind loads, and we only charge you for what you need. This means that you won't be paying for unnecessary materials or features, and you can be confident that your dome will be structurally sound and secure, no matter the conditions.